Great Connections Fall 2015 Architecture tour

A wonderful weekend at The Great Connections Seminar

Wish you could have joined us last weekend! “Types of Power,” “Causality Versus Duty” and “Federalist 51 on the Separation of Powers” were just a few of the fascinating texts we analyzed at The Great Connections Seminar. That was in between walking around Chicago to explore it’s fabulous architecture and sculpture. We all learned so much from the texts and each other about power in every aspect of our lives – and the ideas that make the world what it is today.

Tibor Machan recounted his unusual life, beginning with a harrowing escape from communist Hungary aboard a train filled with Soviet soldiers, to his part in establishing Reason magazine, leading to his worldwide fame as a reasonable exponent of Ayn Rand’s philosophy.Great Connections Fall 2015 Tibor Machan and Marsha Familaro EnrightGreat Connections Fall 2015 Sculpture discussionTGC Fall 2015 Seminar 2Great Connections Fall 2015 DinnerGreat Connections 2015 DinnerGreat Connections Fall 2015 Architecture tour

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