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The Brightest Students Don’t Get Enough Attention

As I’ve long thought, this longitudinal study of 5,000 mathematically precocious children concludes that very smart students do not get enough attention in school. This is one of RIFI’s purposes – to provide exceptional learning to exceptional young people, whomever they may be. What happened to “equality” for them? The equality warriors’ bottom line is to […]

Chinese Censorship Affects Cambridge U Press

Suppression of free speech and political facts about China in the U.S. The NAS report that: “universities with Confucius Institutes give up a significant amount of autonomy in order to receive China’s largesse. Tiananmen Square, Tibet, the Cultural Revolution—the same topics that were nearly excised from The China Quarterly—are currently off-limits in Confucius Institute classes offered […]

Dynamic New Board Members for RIFI’s Growth

Dynamic New Board Members Join RIFI The Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute  Welcomes New Board Members As Part of Growth Chicago, IL (September 10, 2017) RIF Institute is excited to announce the enhancement of its higher education work by the addition of James Kandrac and Sable Levy to its Board of Trustees, and Malachy Walsh and Mimi […]

Disinvitation Database

Good information to know about colleges you may be going to or donating to; do you want to attend or support an institution that disinvites speakers whom are controversial, thereby suppressing free speech and real debate? Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Disinvitation Datatbase

What happened at The Great Connections 2016

The Outcome of The Great Connections Seminar 2016 This July, our high school-to-graduate school students hailed from places such as Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, Nepal and all directions of the U.S. Over half were returnees who paid their own way—one from Buenos Aires! Six came to study how to be a teacher in our style, so […]

Employers Find “Soft” Skills, Like Reasoning, In Short Supply!

“Companies across the U.S. say it is becoming increasingly difficult to find applicants who can communicate clearly, take initiative, problem-solve and get along with co- workers. “Those traits, often called soft skills, can make the difference between a standout employee and one who just gets by.” – claims a recent Wall Street Journal article, Employers […]