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A New, Value-Added Approach to College Rankings

Brookings Institute researchers Jonathan Rowell and Siddhartha Kulkarni have just published “Beyond College Rankings: A Value-Added Approach to Assessing Two- and Four-Year Schools.” Their approach to college rankings is different and especially useful to students and parents. “this report analyzes college ‘value-added,’ the difference between actual alumni outcomes (like salaries) and the outcomes one would […]

Scholarships Are Almost Gone

    Don’t miss your opportunity to spend a week enjoying the experience of a culture of liberty available nowhere else, while learning about great ideas with peers from around the world, at The Great Connections Seminar. You still have time to apply for this life-changing experience. Here’s a detailed description of the week. Apply […]

The Importance of the Ethic of Trade

On Friday, March 13, RIF Institute president Marsha Familaro Enright spoke to business people and students about the unrecognized Ethic of Trade and the good that this ethic brings to the world. Ms. Enright spoke about the deep good that business people create through their ethic of trade and yet, how little moral credit they get […]

Please Stop Trashing the Liberal Arts

Too often, the liberal arts are scorned as a college major because graduates can’t get a job. But, this article controverts that claim: “unemployment rates for recent humanities and liberal-arts majors are higher than for, say, biology and life-science students. But the difference is not great: In 2011-12 the rates were 8.4% and 7.4%, respectively. The […]

The Great Connections Seminar is Filling Up Fast

THE GREAT CONNECTIONS SEMINAR Saturday, July 25-August 1, 2015 Chicago Free yourself: Unleash your mind  Strengthen your autonomy Expand your knowledge Experience your power to affect others   Mastering the Tools that Transform Higher Education into Lifetime Success A Seminar for Young Adults 16 and older “The seminar gave me confidence that I could achieve great […]