Ed Professor Doubts Her Students Are Human?

UIC Prof Rochelle Guitierrez complains that the phrase “Pythagorean Theorem” and the cultural emphasis on math prejudices mathematics against non-white students.

I guess she thinks these students aren’t human! Mathematical reasoning is a unique function of the human mind. But, it figures, since the anti-reason social justice ideology sees all humans as fractured into physical and social groups, warring with each other, rather than united by a common humanity.

Wow, and she teaches math ed at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Of course, former Weatherman bomber Bill Ayres was a lauded professor of education there.

Follow the ideas and you will understand the culture.











The Brightest Students Don’t Get Enough Attention

As I’ve long thought, this longitudinal study of 5,000 mathematically precocious children concludes that very smart students do not get enough attention in school.

This is one of RIFI’s purposes – to provide exceptional learning to exceptional young people, whomever they may be.

What happened to “equality” for them? The equality warriors’ bottom line is to bring everyone to the same level, and that’s not the highest!

Business Insider reports “the overwhelming majority of class time was spent helping low-achieving students get to the middle.

“SMPY (“Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth,”) suggests that teachers should avoid teaching a one-size-fits-all curriculum and instead focus on doing the best they can to create individualized lesson plans for students.”

Ah, when will they learn that the Montessori program does just that and the mathematically gifted can soar as high as they can go in a Montessori classroom?

This Business Insider article is, unfortunately, illustrative of poor thinking, also, since it claims “SMPY has repeatedly found, throughout multiple follow-up analyses, that some of the smartest kids possess a great capacity for spatial reasoning.” Of course it did: it was tracking the mathematically gifted! If they had done a study of the literarily gifted, I’d bet the conclusion would have been different.

The study does have great data to plumb because of its longitudinal perspective.

Chinese Censorship Affects Cambridge U Press

Suppression of free speech and political facts about China in the U.S.

The NAS report that:

“universities with Confucius Institutes give up a significant amount of autonomy in order to receive China’s largesse. Tiananmen Square, Tibet, the Cultural Revolution—the same topics that were nearly excised from The China Quarterly—are currently off-limits in Confucius Institute classes offered at American colleges and universities today.”