Save the date!: The Great Connections Weekend Seminar

Now you can return to college… 
and experience the ideas, books, thinkers, 
and intellectual stimulation you missed out on 
the first time around.

Join us in Chicago this Fall for…

“The Great Connections” Weekend Seminar for Adults

Thursday evening, October 1 to Sunday morning, October 4, 2015

I don’t know about you, but when I went to college, I was looking for a deeply exciting and enlightening experience of learning. Do you ever look back and wish you could return to college? To recapture the joy and excitement of learning – or capture now the kind of learning you may have missed?

Well here’s a second chance! 

Join us for an intellectually challenging and rewarding three days devoted to exploring the greatest works of all time – entirely for your own satisfaction and pleasure. No tests, no assignments, no other pressures.

We’re offering this in response to many working and retired adults who have wanted to join us at The Great Connections Summer Seminars! One said: “I wish I’d gone to a school like yours. May I attend even though I’m out of school?”

This interests proves to me that, regardless of age, people desperately crave lifelong education – the kind that’s intellectually stimulating, enriching, and rewarding.

This weekend seminar will be similar to those we held in 2010 in Chicago, and 2013 in Buenos Aires and San Jose, which were resounding successes.

To get a flavor as to what the fall seminar will be like, you can watch a video about our 2010 weekend seminar for adults here. 

The Great Connections Seminar for Working & Retired Adults Chicago 2010

A Great Connections discussion at the 2010 weekend seminar.









More details as to location and schedule will be forthcoming, but I wanted to give you the chance to save this date on your calendar. If you’re interested, please contact me.

One caution: Because of the high level of personal and individual attention that the faculty will devote to each student, registration is strictly limited to 20. 

At The Great Connections, you’ll benefit from the same distinctive learning method, absorbing curriculum, and top-notch faculty that has won rave reviews from the students who have participated in our “undergraduate” events every summer the past six years.

Ceres, Goddess of Grain in front of the Chicago Board of Trade

Ceres, Goddess of Grain in front of the Chicago Board of Trade















We’re offering a mix of challenging readings, provocative discussions, and entertaining and informative excursions to Chicago’s cultural attractions.

We’ll reside at an attractive downtown location, surrounded by great restaurants and stunning sights.

Experience an atmosphere of enjoyable collaboration resulting from our specially crafted, evidence-based discussion methodology, in which reason is the only authority. You’ll come away enlightened, with your powers of reasoning and first-hand judgment strengthened. And you’ll have forged “great connections with the other fascinating people who will attend.

Watch for more complete details in the coming weeks. Please contact me if you have any questions: or 773-677-6418.


Marsha Familaro Enright


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