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Would all children be educated in a free market?

Here’s another 5-minute clip from Kirsten Lombard, editor of Resounding Books, in which she and I talk about whether all children could be educated if there were no public schools, and how that might happen.

Note: In my last email, I made a mistake in the title of Resounding Book’s volume. It’s Common Ground On Common Core. Sorry about that – to Kirsten especially!

It’s a book of 17 essays from across the political spectrum, analyzing this latest government-promoted program for the public schools and calling for a rebellion against it. My chapter, “Liberating Education,” examines what education would be like in a fully free society, and I go into detail about the history of education here in the U.S. from the time of the Pilgrims.

The paperback is only available through Resounding Books’ website (link above). But it is available on Kindle, where my essay is in Volume II.

This book is a must-read for anyone concerned about this latest push to control our children and, through them, the country.


Marsha Familaro Enright


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