Middlebury Mob

Middlebury Students Use the Brownshirts’ Playbook

Make no mistake about it: the New Left has unleashed their minions on free speech via Nazi Brownshirt tactics and Middlebury College is a recent arena for them. They failed to take control of U.S. culture directly via the government, so instead they taught thousands of college students at the “best” colleges that force is justified to stop the spread of opposing ideas, and now we have these violent attacks of speakers on campus.

Read about Charles Murray’s frightening experience at Middlebury College at which his host, Professor Allison Stranger, was seriously injured in the neck. Why the heck the administration didn’t have police remove the disruptive and violent protesters, I don’t know.  That’s what’s needed to stop these attack: the protection of the speaker’s rights.

You can read about the appalling events at this link:


And the Daily Mail reports with video here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4280516/Professor-injured-mob-protesting-conservative-speaker.html

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