2017 Great Connections Seminar

When: July 22-29, 2017
Where: University of Illinois at Chicago, Marie Robinson Hall
Program cost: $2,000
How to apply: Applications are closed.

Our transformative program consists of very few lectures; most of the time you will be very actively be involved in discussion. You will be expected to read all the texts we are using in the seminar and abide by our special discussion principles. We will be using a special method of discussion that will significantly help you in learning to read and understand difficult texts or in any reading you later encounter. And you’ll discover remarkable connections between the ideas you read about and discuss and the contemporary world that you inhabit.

Our unique program includes Great Connections-style discussions of classic texts in philosophy, logic and reasoning, science and mathematics, economics, history, psychology, literature and other humanities. Students also study logic, introspection, artwork, architecture, and meet accomplished professionals in a variety of fields from finance to law. Off-campus adventures include trips to the Second City Comedy Club and The Art Institute of Chicago.

Fees for the seminar cover tuition, entrance fees, room, and some board. Program cost: $2,000. There are scholarships available. All scholarship recipients are asked to contribute what they honestly can afford towards the program.

“The Great Connections Seminar was a life-changing experience.” – attendee Ivy Hood

Countdown to the 2017 Great Connections Seminar