RIFI Exhibiting at ISFLC 2016, Plus Cool Events

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be exhibiting information about RIFI and  The Great Connections Seminar at the 2016 International Students for Liberty Conference (ISFLC) in Washington, D.C. February 26-27 at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel.


We’ve been exhibiting at ISFLC for years because we know it’s one of the biggest gathering of students who are passionate about ideas and promoting freedom in the world. Our Great Connections Seminar is the perfect environment for students who are interested in not only learning about the ideas of freedom, but living and implementing autonomy in their education and their lives. This summer’s theme is “Reason & Love.”

At conferences, we so often meet students who are tired of listening to lectures, one after the other. They want to talk about the ideas with each other. They want to interact and learn through conversation. And that’s how the schedule and curriculum of the Great Connections summer program has been designed: to involve students in all aspects of their learning through challenging texts and ideas, facilitated discussions, guest lectures and activities with fascinating professionals, and exciting outings throughout the city of Chicago. It all adds up to a liberating and transformative learning experience. Join us at our table at ISFLC to learn more and to sign up for early bird tuition discounts!

Events Worth Checking Out During ISFLC

There are several interesting events going on throughout the weekend during ISFLC. We’ve listed a few here for you that we think are worthwhile:

  • Luncheon: Ladies of Liberty – The Ladies of Liberty Alliance and the Women for Liberty are bringing together women who love liberty from over the world to lunch together at ISFLC. You don’t have to attend the conference to come have lunch, but you do have to be a lady of liberty. It’s a great opportunity to meet other women who are interested in promoting liberty and to share your experiences and build a great support network of fabulous women. Saturday, Feb. 27, 12:15—1:15PM. $20 cash for lunch. Learn more here.
  • Seminar: Ayn Rand’s Philosophical Underpinnings of Freedom – For students attending ISFLC, there is a one and one-half day seminar on Ayn Rand’s key philosophical arguments for a free society. Get together with other students to examine Rand’s writing and its relationship to libertarian political theory. You’ll analyze her essays, “The Objectivist Ethics,” “Man’s Rights,” and “What Is Capitalism” in four shared inquiry sessions. All interested students must complete a short application. These discussions start Thursday evening, Feb. 25th, one day before ISFLC, and end Friday, Feb. 26th in the afternoon, before the ISFLC opening remarks. The seminar organizers have scholarship money to provide for staying at the hotel for the extra night. Learn more here.
  • Lecture: What Education Would Be Like in a Free Society – RIFI President and Founder Marsha Familaro Enright will be speaking at the Maryland Objectivist Society on “The Collectivist Control of Education and What Education Could Be Like in a Free Society.” She’ll discuss what’s driving the decline in the quality of education, the real reasons for optimism in our current educational situation, and the surprising picture of what education could be like in a freer society, with some ideas as to how to get there. Sunday, Feb. 28, 2:30—4:30PM. Learn more here.

Jan. 24 EVENT: The Collectivist Control of Education and What Education Would be Like in a Free Society

RIFI Founder and President Marsha Familaro Enright will be speaking on the collectivists’ control of education in the U.S. on Sunday, January 24th in the Atlanta area. We would enjoy having you join us that afternoon! Please let us know if you have any questions. You can contact Marsha at: or call at 773-677-6418.

Wavy hair lace wigs

“The Collectivist Control of Education and
What Education Would be Like in a Free Society”
Sunday January 24, 2016
4:00-5:30 P.M.
Smyrna, GA

A talk by Marsha Familaro Enright, educational entrepreneur, author of the last chapter, “Liberating Education” in Common Ground on Common Core, editor of Ayn Rand Explained, Lead Developer and Instructor, The Great Connections Seminar for High School and College Students, and Founder and President of Council Oak Montessori School in Chicago for over 26 years.

Many of us are aware of the continuing control of Academia by the collectivists, and how they are using education to transform our young people into sheepish conformists to their agenda. Ms. Enright will discuss the insidious ways in which they achieve these aims, analyzing the psychology of it. As a tonic to that gloomy situation, she will project the surprising picture of what education could be like in a fully free society, with some ideas as to how to get there

Public education costs most of us a pretty penny in taxes, yet yields poor outcomes:

  • For our own children, driving many of us to pay two times; in taxes and private school tuition;
  • Especially for children of the less well-off, who can’t escape to private schools;
  • For too many, in the lack of crucial knowledge, reasoning power, motivation, and work skills.

As technology drives the job market, requiring higher and higher skills, a very good example is the hair lace front wigs. the situation is only getting worse – more and more individuals are being left behind, unable to adequately and honorably support themselves.

Hear about:

  • What’s driving this decline – the historical, economic, psychological and political reasons;
  • The bright spots of hope and the real reasons for optimism in our current educational situation;
  • The surprising picture of what education could be like in a freer society, with some ideas as to how to get there;
  • What you can do to hasten this better future for you and your children.

Come to hear and meet Marsha as well as other concerned parents, taxpayers and civic minded individuals about what can be done to create a better future in education.

About Marsha:

Marsha Familaro Enright is an author and speaker on, among other topics, human development, psychology, and creativity. Many of her interviews are available to watch online.

She is the creator of The Great Connections Summer Seminar, a week-long, liberal arts course for students 16 and up, focuses on classic texts across the ideological spectrum, including those of the philosophy, economics, politics, and history of freedom. Its evidence-based discussion principles significantly increase student reasoning power, as well as collaborative work skills. The program has a transformative effect on most students who attend, radically increasing their autonomy. Learn more at

Check out the event and RSVP on the ATLOS (Atlanta Objectivist Society) Facebook page here:

For further information, contact: Kelly Elmore

A wonderful weekend at The Great Connections Seminar

Wish you could have joined us last weekend! “Types of Power,” “Causality Versus Duty” and “Federalist 51 on the Separation of Powers” were just a few of the fascinating texts we analyzed at The Great Connections Seminar. That was in between walking around Chicago to explore it’s fabulous architecture and sculpture. We all learned so much from the texts and each other about power in every aspect of our lives – and the ideas that make the world what it is today.

Tibor Machan recounted his unusual life, beginning with a harrowing escape from communist Hungary aboard a train filled with Soviet soldiers, to his part in establishing Reason magazine, leading to his worldwide fame as a reasonable exponent of Ayn Rand’s philosophy.Great Connections Fall 2015 Tibor Machan and Marsha Familaro EnrightGreat Connections Fall 2015 Sculpture discussionTGC Fall 2015 Seminar 2Great Connections Fall 2015 DinnerGreat Connections 2015 DinnerGreat Connections Fall 2015 Architecture tour

Register for our seminar now: Understanding Power and the Power of Reason

“The Great Connections” Weekend Seminar for Working and Retired Adults
Our theme: Reason and Power
Thursday evening, October 1 to Sunday midday, October 4, 2015

Can’t make it? Join us for dinner and a talk by philosopher Tibor Machan on Saturday night (see more about him below).

Don’t miss out on our powerful weekend.  We’ll:

  • Delve deeply into “Types of Power” by Goldhammer and Shils to reveal the multiple variations of social power that influence our world.
  • Experience the psychological power of art through our examination of sculpture and architecture.
  • Bolster our understanding of the Constitution through our dialogue on Federalist 51, on the Separation of Powers.

And more! You will come away from our weekend, armed to understand and navigate social relationships, craft a better world for yourself through art, and fight against the erosion of our freedoms.

The weekend is coming up shortly – register soon! See all the detailed information below.


Would you like to experience the ideas, books, thinkers,
and intellectual stimulation you may have missed out on
when you went to college – an
d meet some of the most interesting people?

Well here’s your chance!

Join us to chew over some of the most intriguing works by the world’s great thinkers, and come to your own conclusions about them – for your own satisfaction, pleasure, and increased personal power. No tests, no assignments, no other pressures.

With our evidence and logic-based methodology, you will strengthen your first-hand judgment, your confidence in your own thinking, and your ability to collaborate with others – all great skills in work and life.

We’re offering a mix of challenging readings, provocative discussions, and entertaining and informative excursions to Chicago’s cultural attractions. We’ll examine works such as:

"The Spearman" Grant Park, Chicago

  • The ancient Stoic, Epictetus, who managed to have power even though a slave.
  • Machiavelli, on the social power of the Roman republic.
  • Louis Sullivan, on the power of architecture.
  • Ayn Rand, on conflicting views of ethical power.

City of Chicago by the river.


We’ll discuss the power of art and architecture, and examine some remarkable examples while exploring the  city of Chicago on a beautiful fall weekend.

We’ll watch and discuss selections from two famous films, aimed at influencing opinion – one by the Nazis, another by Americans.

You can see the entire schedule here. To get a flavor of what the fall seminar will be like, you can watch a video of our 2010 weekend seminar for adults here.

Meet the faculty…

Tibor Machan, Ph.D.

On Saturday night, we’ll have a gala dinner together and listen to philosopher, Tibor Machan, talk about his life from communist Hungary to fame as a thinker and staunch advocate of freedom.

After Dr. Machan was smuggled out of communist Hungary he immersed himself in American culture, focusing on political philosophy.  Influenced by Ayn Rand, he helped create the Reason Foundation and forged a career as an independent scholar, influential professor, writer, and speaker. He will discuss his life as well as issues of timeless concern to us all, such as the importance of thinking objectively.

Ray Raad

On Sunday, we’ll hear psychiatrist and research fellow at Columbia University, Raymond Raad, M.D., M.Ph., explain the research evidence for free will, and the power of self-awareness. Dr. Raad, himself, has attended several Great Connections seminars. Dr. Raad, himself, has attended several Great Connections seminars. He said:

“Every time I attend one, I gain deeper insight into an idea I thought I already knew well. These seminars have changed the way I read.”

I will be leading the program. You can read more about me here.

The instructors won’t simply deliver a lecture and depart but will be available for face-to-face discussions, both in and out of class. Furthermore, Dr. Machan and Dr. Raad will both join us as participants for our seminar discussions.

One caution: Because of the high level of personal and individual attention that the faculty will devote to each attendee, registration is strictly limited to 20.

Practical Accommodations…

We’ll reside at an attractive downtown location, The Hotel Blake, surrounded by great restaurants and stunning sights. This stylish downtown hotel is set in a 19th-century beaux arts building in the Printers Row historic district, steps away from some of the city’s most magnificent attractions; Millennium Park, The Harold Washington Library, The Art Institute, The Board of Trade, Willis (Sears) Tower as well as some of the city’s best shopping, restaurants and entertainment.

In your room, you will discover complimentary internet access, free local phone calls with no access fees, Hotel BlakeLavAzza coffee makers, hairdryers, iron & ironing boards and complimentary water.  There’s a casual coffee and juice bar downstairs. Our guest may also take advantage of our large spacious, well equipped complimentary fitness center and complimentary wireless internet in the lobby, and 24-hour business center.

We arranged for a special conference price of $189 per night for your room which was available until September 1st: call to check whether it is still available. Or book a room at one of the other many nearby facilities in Chicago’s dynamic city center.

At The Great Connections, you’ll benefit from the same distinctive learning method, absorbing curriculum, and top-notch faculty that has won rave reviews from the students who have participated in our “undergraduate” events every summer the past six years.

Stretch your mind…

Experience an atmosphere of enjoyable collaboration resulting from our specially crafted, evidence-based discussion methodology, in which reason is the only authority. You’ll come away enlightened, with your powers of reasoning and first-hand judgment strengthened. And you’ll have forged “great connections” with the other fascinating people who will attend.

As a physicist from Stanford who has attended our programs several times said:

Imagine you’re into yoga, but you do it by yourself – then you find this group where everyone is doing it! The high level of cognitive functioning, the intellectual stretching – that was really valuable to me. “

The program’s cost for the weekend is $475. Or, if you can’t take the time to join us for the entire weekend, attend our dinner on Saturday night and hear Dr. Machan. Dinner and the talk cost $90.

Three Easy Ways to Register…

1. Go to this link and register now to save money. Payments for the seminar or the dinner only can be made at this link.

2. If you prefer, print out this form and send your payment by check to:

RIF Institute

9400 S. Damen Avenue

Chicago, IL 60643

3. Call 773-677-6418 to register and pay by credit card.

For even more information about the program, visit the event page here.

Please contact me if you have any questions: or 773-677-6418.

It’s time to unlock your hidden potential!

Most people have vast potential they haven’t even begun to realize. Here’s an opportunity to expand your horizons and release the capabilities you didn’t even know you possessed!

Seize this opportunity to fulfill your intellectual curiosity, purely for the love of knowledge. You’ll stretch your mind and enrich your life.

Let’s face it: The world is complex and confusing. Sometimes it’s hard to make sense of anything. But this is precisely where the greatest thinkers of all time can help.

During our provocative seminar, you’ll learn the timeless, fundamental truths that help you make the world comprehensible. You’ll emerge with a better grasp of the meaning of current events and news headlines. You’ll build your confidence and be able to hold your own in any discussion.

Moreover, you’ll reap real-world rewards, both personal and professional. You’ll be equipped with tools for success, living well, and achieving your goals. You’ll sharpen your skills in reasoning, thinking, arguing, debating. You’ll make better decisions, increase your creativity, solve problems more rapidly and efficiently.

The “Great Connections” seminar is a unique “total immersion” experience and intellectual adventure packed into three days of intensive learning, interactive sessions, off-campus explorations, and rewarding camaraderie. Join us.


Marsha Familaro Enright



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